Our Offerings


PATHWORK lecture series

Dates/Times: Tuesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm Starting October 15th -November 19th (come to one or as many as you would like)

Location: Peake House at Bristol Village Cohousing, 16 North Street, Bristol VT - NOTE ABOUT PARKING: please park at the town green and walk across the street to the Peake House, since parking in the lot is designated for residents of the Bristol Village Co-housing.

Cost: FREE

Description: Introductory Pathwork Lecture Series, no experience with the Pathwork required and each week will focus on one particular topic. Contact Anne directly to find out more (see info below).

Facilitator: Anne Bolger

CONTACT: For more information or if you have questions please contact Anne at: atunitybliss@gmail.com 802-243-0055


"know thyself" - a series of 8 one-day pathwork workshops

Join us in this exploration of the inner world: light and shadow work. Eight one-day Pathwork workshops, which can be taken as a series or as independent workshops. This series is designed for seekers who feel ready to go deeper into their inner world and do the liberating work of confronting their shadow; who long to be more present and conscious; who feel called to rise up and stand stand with what they value most in the mist of chaos, fear and illusion of the physical world.

During the course of eight workshops, we inquire into the question “ Who Am I?” which brings us face to face with our basic misunderstandings about self and life in a world of duality. We learn ways to develop and strengthen our Conscious Adult Ego, which will help to bring the less developed aspects of our consciousness into alignment with reality and truth. We learn how to create safety and build community in sacred space, and how it is possible to find healing, resources and allies in our every life.

Dates and Times: Once per month on Sundays, 10am-5pm. (Nov 10th, Dec 8th, Jan 5th, Feb 2nd, March 8th, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th)

Facilitator: Isabelle Meulnet, Senior Pathwork Helper and Teacher

Where: Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, 366 Dorset Street, S. Burlington, VT 05403

Cost: $ 95 per individual workshop or $720 pre-paid for the entire series

NOTE: this series will count as a tutorial for PTP1 for those interested in entering PTP2 next year.

CONTACT: For more info and to register (required), contact Isabelle, class teacher at 802-279-9144 or isabelle@pathworkvermont.org



Pathwork process group 

Dates & Times: January 19th and March 29th, 9:30-11am

Location: Peake House at Bristol Village Cohousing, 16 North Street, Bristol VT 
Description: A safe and comfortable place for emotional purification and deep process work in a small group setting. Pathwork experience required, or similar group work. Contact Ali to sign up or if you have any questions: allison.graham1@gmail.com

Teacher: Ali Graham, assisted by Anne Bolger

Cost: $85 per group or $150 for both