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The Spirituality of Relationships- with Wendy and Tom Hubbard

 Dates: Thursday August 22 1pm - Sunday, August 25 1pm

Location: Rock Point Center, Burlington, VT  - www.rockpointvt.org/bishopbooth

Workshop Cost (does not include Room & Meals:  $ 425  ($50 off if you register by June 22)

Meal Package: (3 Breakfasts + 3 Lunches + 3 Dinners) $ 138

Lodging Package: (3 nights): $252 (single) - $142 (double) - $110 (triple) - $95 (6-bed Dorm)

Deposit: $150  (accepted methods of payments: checks or cash)      

Registration Deadline: Aug. 12 

To Register online: https://pathworkvermont.org/workshops

CONTACT: For more information, if you have questions, and/or to receive a registration form, contact Jeannie at awakeningheartvt@gmail.com or  802-793-1552

Wendy Hubbard – has been practicing the Pathwork for 21 years. She is currently a Helper in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She is also trained in Hellinger Family Constellation Work, and Somatic Experience Attachment and Trauma Work. She gives individual sessions and leads workshops including couples’ groups with her husband Tom. Wendy is also a writer and speaker, inspiring many to have faith in recovery and healing. She believes strongly in the power of repair and resilience. For more information see her web site, www.beyondbroken.org.

Tom Hubbard became a Pathwork Helper in 2003 following ten years of intense Pathwork study. He has taught Pathwork at every level, from the first year of the Transformation Program to Helper Training. Tom has had careers in social services and business.

Wendy and Tom’s marriage has thrived as a result of Pathwork study and practice. They are now passionate in helping people find meaning in the patterns that arise in them in relationship, finding their way to joyful connection emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Description:  Our deepest human relationships ask a lot of us. We must meet our partner with honesty and humility, physically, mentally and emotionally. We must accept both our own imperfection and theirs. To do so exposes our deepest vulnerability. When we can muster the courage, take this risk, for ourselves and with our beloved, we may experience a profound deepening of our well-being and sense of fulfillment. We grow closer to our real selves, we grow closer to spiritual fusion – we grow closer to God.

In this 4-day workshop, our hope is that each of us will —

• Deepen our understanding of what we bring to relationships, from wounds of the soul and of childhood, and the unconscious choices and beliefs that follow. We will hold them with compassion and re-align them with real love and connection.

• Experience the truth that we are designed to reach out to another and to a greater consciousness than our own; that we are designed to love.

Reading and preparation for this  4-day workshop:

Essay, by Wendy Hubbard and David Schwerin: Relationships as a Path to Joy and Fulfillment, ( this essay will be emailed to you)

Pathwork Lecture 72, The Fear of Loving

Pathwork Lecture 73, Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts

Pathwork Lecture 180, The Spiritual Significance of Human Relationship

Pathwork Lecture 185, Mutuality: A Cosmic Principle and Law.

All Pathwork Lectures can be downloaded-free of charge- at https://pathwork.org/the-lectures/


Basics in Permaculture Class - With Sacred Circle Homestead

On July 6th, 2019 at 1PM, we invite you to join us in learning some of the basics of a system rooted in Indigenous wisdom called Permaculture. Permaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison in the mid to late 1970’s and has gained a large following in the past few decades. The term is based upon the words “permanent” and “culture” or “agriculture” and the system involves observation of one’s surrounding ecosystem, and how intelligent design can improve upon the ecosystem in place.

Permaculture was inspired by the ecosystems that were created and left behind by Indigenous cultures throughout the world. Many of the systems that these cultures had established worked with perennial plants that produced food, fiber, medicine or some other function (many times functions were stacked in one plant). These plants blended in with their environments, and the systems generally worked in harmony with Nature.

We will be covering some of the basics of Permaculture, and also be taking a look at 4 easy to access and propagate plants that are keys in a Permaculture system in temperate North America. Some of these plants may already be familiar to some of you, some may have benefits you had no clue about, and some may be brand new to you. There will even be plants for sale that you can use to start your own Permaculture garden or food forest!

Regardless of your gardening experience, or your knowledge of Permaculture, we invite you to come by and check it out! There will be something to be learned for everyone, and we encourage you to come and have some fun! Parking is limited, so carpooling helps (also helps our environment!)

There is a suggested donation of $20 but this will be a sliding scale event—meaning you pay what you can, or what you think it is worth. There will be a chance to pay when you arrive or when you depart. There will also be homemade lemonade and teas!


Pathwork Transformation Program: Year 2 Relationship as a Path to Leadership - With Isabelle Meulnet, Pathwork Helper and Teacher

Dates & Times: 7 Weekends (Friday 7pm - Sunday 1pm) Oct. 11-13, ~ Nov. 15-17 ~ Dec. 13-15  ~ Jan. 17-19, ~ Mar. 6-8 ~ Apr. 3-5 ~ May 8-10

Location: Bristol, VT 
DESCRIPTION: Pathwork Transformation Program Year 2 -  Relationship to Other. 
The Pathwork Guide tells us that life is relationship. In PTP2, we explore both theoretically and experientially the great mystery of human relationship; that which causes us to either open or close our heart. As we allow ourselves to be held in the sacred container of the Guide’s Teachings and our willingness to be with each other in deep respect and loving kindness, we are guided to explore our relationships – or lack of – to each other, parents, significant other, authority figures, and a Higher Power.         

Students undertake an in-depth exploration of the challenges of relationships, examining the obstacles within, and exploring possibilities for living openheartedly, without defenses, in honest, intimate, and fulfilling connections. Classes are small, experiential, and grounded in the concepts of the Pathwork Lectures.            

Some of the areas we will touch on include our desire for and fear of closeness; our true and false needs; the effects of our intense longing for pleasure and happiness; positive pleasure + negative pleasure as the origin of pain; love as spontaneous soul movement; the masculine and feminine principles and how we create from them; the  spiritual significance of relationship; and the role of conscious communication, loving confrontation, mutuality and creativity in relationship.

We will work with intentionality, energetic movement, guided visualization, art, expressive therapies, meditation, discussion, and time for reflection to integrate the teachings with our inner experience.

Leadership Skills developed in year 2: Effective and Conscious Communication; Mediation and the Art of Negotiation; Openness and Transparency; Healthy Boundaries; Non-Violent Conflict Resolution & Loving Confrontation; Positive and Negative Intentionality and their affects on self and others.

Cost & Consideration: (Note: 3 additional hours of classroom time in PTP2) 
Tuition: $ $2,350 (Room and Meals not included)
Payment Plans are available. Tuition assistance from Pathwork VT may be available.
How to Apply: Please contact Isabelle Meulnet, your class teacher, at: 802-279-9144 or  Isabelleparadise@gmail.com  and ask for an Enrollment Packet to be sent to you. NOTE: people interested in entering ptp2 and who have not completed PTP1 need to contact Isabelle for an interview and sign up for the summer workshop and set up 6 tutorials.