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PATHWORK lecture series

Dates/Times: Tuesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm Starting October 15th -November 19th (come to one or as many as you would like)

Location: Peake House at Bristol Village Cohousing, 16 North Street, Bristol VT - NOTE ABOUT PARKING: please park at the town green and walk across the street to the Peake House, since parking in the lot is designated for residents of the Bristol Village Co-housing.

Cost: FREE

Description: Introductory Pathwork Lecture Series, no experience with the Pathwork required and each week will focus on one particular topic. Contact Anne directly to find out more (see info below).

Facilitator: Anne Bolger

CONTACT: For more information or if you have questions please contact Anne at: atunitybliss@gmail.com 802-243-0055



Pathwork Transformation Program: Year 2 Relationship as a Path to Leadership - With Isabelle Meulnet, Pathwork Helper and Teacher

Dates & Times: 7 Weekends (Friday 7pm - Sunday 1pm) Oct. 11-13, ~ Nov. 15-17 ~ Dec. 13-15  ~ Jan. 17-19, ~ Mar. 6-8 ~ Apr. 3-5 ~ May 8-10

Location: Peake House at Bristol Village Cohousing, 16 North Street, Bristol VT 
DESCRIPTION: Pathwork Transformation Program Year 2 -  Relationship to Other. 
The Pathwork Guide tells us that life is relationship. In PTP2, we explore both theoretically and experientially the great mystery of human relationship; that which causes us to either open or close our heart. As we allow ourselves to be held in the sacred container of the Guide’s Teachings and our willingness to be with each other in deep respect and loving kindness, we are guided to explore our relationships – or lack of – to each other, parents, significant other, authority figures, and a Higher Power.         

Students undertake an in-depth exploration of the challenges of relationships, examining the obstacles within, and exploring possibilities for living openheartedly, without defenses, in honest, intimate, and fulfilling connections. Classes are small, experiential, and grounded in the concepts of the Pathwork Lectures.            

Some of the areas we will touch on include our desire for and fear of closeness; our true and false needs; the effects of our intense longing for pleasure and happiness; positive pleasure + negative pleasure as the origin of pain; love as spontaneous soul movement; the masculine and feminine principles and how we create from them; the  spiritual significance of relationship; and the role of conscious communication, loving confrontation, mutuality and creativity in relationship.

We will work with intentionality, energetic movement, guided visualization, art, expressive therapies, meditation, discussion, and time for reflection to integrate the teachings with our inner experience.

Leadership Skills developed in year 2: Effective and Conscious Communication; Mediation and the Art of Negotiation; Openness and Transparency; Healthy Boundaries; Non-Violent Conflict Resolution & Loving Confrontation; Positive and Negative Intentionality and their affects on self and others.

Cost & Consideration: (Note: 3 additional hours of classroom time in PTP2) 
Tuition: $ $2,350 (Room and Meals not included)
Payment Plans are available. Tuition assistance from Pathwork VT may be available.
How to Apply: Please contact Isabelle Meulnet, your class teacher, at: 802-279-9144 or  Isabelleparadise@gmail.com  and ask for an Enrollment Packet to be sent to you. NOTE: people interested in entering ptp2 and who have not completed PTP1 need to contact Isabelle for an interview.