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Helpership Development Program: Connecting with our Deeper Purpose (Closed Group)

"Connecting with our Deeper Purpose" / HDP1 is designed for mature individuals who have completed the Pathwork Transformation Program or equivalent program, who long to go deeper in their exploration of the real self and/or who are feeling called to become Pathwork Helpers and/or Teachers.

 "So much pain existing in a human being's inner life is the pain of withholding what one has to give" (PL# 155)

The first year of the Helpership Development Program is about grounding in our call to be in service to a higher purpose and in our ability to lead in a way that supports evolution on the planet. We do this by integrating our human and spiritual experiences, by spiritualizing matter, and by bringing the magic healing powers of love to what is wounded and split off in ourselves, in others, and around us.  

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Later Event: June 4
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