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Awakening To The Authentic Self - With Isabelle Meulnet, Pathwork Helper & Teacher

6 WEEKENDS Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: Specific Dates TBD

Description: Are You Ready To Develop A Conscious And Honest Relationship With Yourself? The Pathwork Guide Tells Us That The Entire Universe Exists Inside Us And That This Discovery And Experience Will Ultimately Lead Us To The Personal Fulfillment Of Our Destiny. In This First Year Of The Four-Year Transformation Program (PTP1) We Inquire Into The Question “ Who Am I?”
Which Brings Us Face To Face With Our Basic Misunderstandings About Self And Life In A World Of Duality. We Learn Ways To Develop And Strengthen Our Conscious Adult Ego, Which Will Help To Bring The Less Developed Aspects Of Our Consciousness Into Alignment With Reality And Truth. We Will Use The Pathwork Lectures© And The 50/50 Work© To Discover The Concepts And Tools We Need For Addressing The Challenges Which Arise From Living In Duality; We Will Uncover Our Mask Self And Defense
Mechanism And Bring The Light Of Our Higher Consciousness Onto The Obstacles That Hinder True Knowing. Throughout The Year, We Explore The Possibility We Have, As Human Beings To Live In Non-Dual Consciousness, Here On Earth. Classes Are Small, With A Balanced Blend Of Conceptual Teaching And Experiential Exercises. We Will Work With Intentionality, Movement, Guided Visualization, Art, Contemplation, Meditation, Discussion, And Plenty Of Time For Reflection And Journaling To Integrate The Teachings With Our Inner Experience.

Prerequisites: 1) Work With A Pathwork Helper, And / Or Two Or More Pathwork 1-Day Workshop, Lecture Study Series, Summer Workshop Or Equivalent Programs AND 2) An Interview With Your Teacher, Isabelle.
How To Apply: If You Are Interested In Joining This Program And/Or Want More Information, And/Or Would Like To Receive Your Enrollment Packet, Please Submit A Letter Of Intent To
Including: 1) A Description Of Previous Personal Growth, Therapeutic And Spiritual Work. 2) Familiarity With The Pathwork 3) Reasons For Wanting To Attend The Pathwork Transformation Program.