The Trillium Center is a center for healing and education located in Burlington, Vermont. At the heart of the center is the goal of supporting consciousness and healing on the planet. Through our own individual awakening, each one of us helps clarify the collective consciousness of our human family, hence supporting the Earth, her air, soils, and waters in their clarity, health, and vitality. 

The Trillium Center was co-founded by Kimio Wheaton and Ali Graham, with much help and guidance from the whales, and many other amazing beings. The name "Trillium" was given to Ali long before she met Kimio, though she never mentioned this to him. When it was time to find a name for the Center, Kimio, in MEDITATION with the whales, was ALSO given the name "Trillium". When he shared this with Ali, they knew, undoubtably, this was to be the name of this healing center. Later in their research, they discovered that trillium flower essence is used to support spirit coming into form. Sometimes, even in the birth process, mothers will use the flower essence of trillium to help birth their child.

The Trillium Center supports the conscious 'birthing' of each individual's natural, awakened state of consciousness, so that we may all remember who we are and what it is we are here to do. The Center supports the process of healing and clarifying within, and the celebration of living consciously within our families and our communities for the greater purpose of healing on the planet and healing our human family as a whole. As each individual awakens, more health is brought into the system, the waters clear and the voices of our hearts sing the song of remembrance together in harmony. This we celebrate!