To schedule an appointment or to contact Adoria at:  (802) 448-4277.

To schedule an appointment or to contact Adoria at: (802) 448-4277.

Adoria Senning  Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

The client-therapist relationship has been shown to be the most important predictor of how successful therapy is for an individual. In light of this, Adoria's primary focus with clients is developing a trusting, supportive, and genuine relationship, where they can feel safe to explore their inner selves with her guidance. Adoria's clients explore the influences of early experiences and relationships, work to solidify their identities as individuals and their places in the world, and improve present life experiences directly through thought and behavior modifications. The "mind/body connection" is a focal point in Adoria's practice. She incorporates Reiki (a Japanese energy healing technique) into some therapy sessions to help clients integrate and internalize the work they have been doing. She also supports clients in using mindfulness skills, meditation, and self-regulation.

  To schedule or find out more please visit: and call 802-453-2777

To schedule or find out more please visit: and call 802-453-2777


Dr Sarah Wylie, a Naturopathic Physician, specializes in physical medicine to restore health in organ systems.  She has been working at weaving together the legacy work of 3 amazing healers, to form a vibrant expression of women’s health care. She has studied extensively with Dr Rosita Arvigo, in a specific lineage of Mayan medicine, with Tami Kent for holistic care of the pelvic floor & with Georgette Star in soul mentoring & archetypal energy medicine, and preparing girls for menarche.  Sarah’s vision is to facilitate release of stored energy, so that whatever work you do is powered by a strong current of balanced feminine and masculine energy. 

Your complete story is valuable to Sarah.  She takes the time to listen to your story, some of which are simple, and others are complicated.  She believes in the power of the body to heal itself when the obstacles are removed.  She begins with naturopathic physical medicine, which may include the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  At the second visit, she assess your response to the therapy.  Then she teaches you how to take better care of yourself, with physical medicine and exercises you can perform at home, nutrition, and then sometimes botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, and sometimes prescription drugs.  She will order and read labs if needed.  Her goal is to help you solve the problem in less than 6 visits.  You may need or want to return for tune-ups over time.

  To schedule an appointment or to contact Kelly please call:  (908) 967-4164 or email:

To schedule an appointment or to contact Kelly please call: (908) 967-4164 or email:

KELLY BOARDMAN  Psychotherapist & Reiki Practitioner

Kelly’s work is grounded in the belief that healing best occurs through a caring and collaborative relationship. As a mental health counselor, Kelly takes a strengths-based approach. She also draws from trainings in alternative medicine and mindfulness, to offer a holistic, mind/body perspective to your health. Kelly specializes in lifestyle medicine, which examines aspects of your self-care and your values, as tools to facilitate meaningful change. Kelly strives to create a compassionate, empowering and validating space where you can work to explore your stories and your challenges. In your work together, Kelly will guide you in examining your past and present experiences to help gain an understanding of how they may be impacting you today. Kelly’s clients may consider their relationships with different emotions to help facilitate a deeper awareness of, and connection with, your authentic self. Kelly also invites clients to explore movement, such as exercise and yoga, when appropriate, as a way to integrate the mind/body connection. Kelly can also offer reiki treatments as an adjunct to your work, which can help assess blockages in energy that may be contributing to current concerns. Kelly is grateful to work with individuals who are curious about examining any barriers or challenges in their lives, and finding opportunities for personal growth from them. Kelly’s areas of special interest include working with individuals in early adulthood who are experiencing anxiety, body-image concerns, depression, identity exploration, life transitions, relationship difficulties, and trauma. Kelly also has experience working in college counseling settings, and can offer counseling services to students attending any of the colleges or universities in the local area. Kelly’s practice is LGBTQ+ affirming for individuals and their families. Kelly holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Vermont. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor through the National Board for Certified Counselors. She was Reiki certified through Yoga Roots in Shelburne, Vermont.

  To schedule an appointment or to contact Jill please Call or email:  802-488-4074 or

To schedule an appointment or to contact Jill please Call or email: 802-488-4074 or

JILL SAYRE WOLCOTT  Psychotherapist

Jill has over 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples, groups and children in a therapeutic setting. Her spiritual and heart centered work is unique and gentle and she is able to draw upon many modalities to support her clients. She specializes in sand tray therapy, a healing tool inspired by Carl Jung. Most recently, Jill is excited to share The Work of Byron Katie, a way of questioning the thoughts that bring us stress. As we identify and neutralize these thoughts, we move into ever clearer states where we are open and curious, where we become the love that we are. Jill has recently attended and helped staff The School of The Work and has participated in the NoBody Intensive, all with Byron Katie. Jill is offering sessions with The Work in person or on the phone. Sessions last an average of 45 minutes. The only preparation needed is to fill out a worksheet naming the stressful thoughts.  

Jill began her therapeutic work at the Findhorn Foundation where she was an international facilitator of The Game of Transformation. The Game is a powerful experience that harnesses the powers of intention, of the group, and of the spiritual world to to enlighten and transform. It can be ‘played’ individually, with a small group of five or with groups of 100-200. Jill worked at a Waldorf School where she witnessed daily the way anthroposophy can be used in a practical way to support children and their development. Jill received her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Antioch University in Keene, NH. She followed her graduate work with several years of training with Robert and Cheryl Sardello at the School for Spiritual Psychology. The Sardellos’ work was key in helping embody a heart centered approach to psychology. 

  To schedule an appointment or to contact Isabelle please email:  or call (802) 279-9144

To schedule an appointment or to contact Isabelle please email: or call (802) 279-9144

ISABELLE MEULNET  Massage & Craniosacral Therapist; Energy Healer (Brennan Science) & Pathwork Helper

Isabelle specializes in Trauma-Release  work, which aims to liberate the body from frozen negative imprints and rewires the nervous system out of the trauma loop. and supports your system in accessing the Healer within. Isabelle's work supports you to: experience deep inner peace; heal your body (through acupressure massage); become emotionally mature; discover your soul’s journey; know and fulfill your purpose = become the light, love & wisdom you want to be and see in the world; and assist you in becoming a conscious human and spiritual being through the following modalities: Accupressure Massage; Cranio-Sacral Work; Energy Work (Brennan Science);Psychological & Spiritual Work (The Pathwork). Isabelle offers long distance healings as well as "in person"sessions, in my Montpelier office and in Burlington. Please visit for more information on costs for various services.

  For appointments or questions please contact Melinda directly. 646.288.9832

For appointments or questions please contact Melinda directly. 646.288.9832

Melinda Kinzie  Sound Healer & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Melinda Kinzie has been a student of energy medicine and spirituality her whole life. She grew up in the mountains of Vermont and later lived in NYC for 20 years working as a recording and performance artist. With over 25 years of training in transformational work, she has most recently completed a rigorous 3 year study of Sound Healing & Shamanism with Zacciah Blackburn at the Center of Light, 2 years of Aura Soma Color Therapy training & is currently training with Anaiya Sophia in the Sacred Temple Arts of the Holy Sophia. She is delighted to be working as a Sound

Healer, Frequency Channel & Energy Medicine Practitioner in pure service to all of creation and facilitates workshops, classes, group & private sound healing sessions, childrens programs & all manner of sacred business. Nada Brahma~All Is Sound.

Melinda is delighted to be offering one-on-one sound healing sessions at Yoga Roots in Shelburne, VT. In each sound healing session, pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being are discovered through the use of sacred sound using voice, crystal singing bowls, medicine drums & rattles, tuning forks, tingshas and bells. You will be bathed in pure tones while laying on an amethyst crystal BioMat in a very peaceful and safe, sacred space. Come experience a renewed sense of balance, deep peace, full relaxation and alignment with the pure essence of who you really are.